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By: Sam W.

My story is an eye opener to anyone who thinks their dog cannot be transformed. I own a 12 year old very active pit-bull mix who has always been very aggressive towards other dogs – I always had said “Trixie” will never let me own another dog. Little did I know there was the “Dog Whisperer” Angie Woods.

I met Angie when she came to our Animal Hospital to do lunch and introduce herself. I did not bring Trixie that day because I did not want her to embarrass me and bite Angie. Then, a year later, I had an opportunity to take in my neighbors dog, a huge 90lb lab/mastiff mix. I called Angie – they were at camp (U.S. Canine) for 2 weeks! I have never had Trixie away from the house without me for 12 years! But I trusted what Angie was doing.

2 weeks later, they came home! Angie, Josh, and the staff are amazing! I have a HAPPY dog! It also goes to prove that it is never too late to learn how to be the leader of your pack! I still have some learning to do, but they are the best of friends and I have only U.S. Canine to thank!