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Housebreaking Rules

Do you have a new puppy in the house? Or have you adopted a new older dog that needs potty manners? Here are some of the basic rules to get you on the right path…

Rule 1
You must be attentive, do not let the puppy or dog wander unsupervised. They must be taught where it is acceptable to eliminate. Dogs are naturally clean creatures so if you’re finding that this is not the case typically they have been taught otherwise or they are confused. When you are not able to watch the pup, take them out for a potty break and then tuck them away in their comfy crate with some toys and something to chew on.

Rule 2
Do not use potty pads in the house!!! I know they seem easy and convenient but you are only teaching your dog that it is okay to go potty in the house. See how confusing this could be to your dog?

Rule 3
Do give your dog water or food and then leave them in their crate for any period of time. Feed them an hour and a half before you plan to leave the house and at the last possible minute take them for a short walk outside until they use the bathroom.

Rule 4
Spend lots of time outside! Dogs are all about making associations, so if too much time is spent indoors your dog will naturally begin to choose an area inside for elimination. The more time they spend in the grass, the more sense it makes to use the outdoors as a restroom. Remember, A=B with dogs!

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