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Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

Does your dog chew his food? Or does he inhale it without any idea of how good it tastes?

This is a very common problem with many dogs. Eating food too fast is not good for your dog and can be bad physically, but it can also be unhealthy for their psychological state. Dogs should see food as something to be calm and respectful about. Food is a form of affection to your dog. Most people inject excitement without being aware of their behavior. Have you ever said “ready to eat” in a high pitched voice? This brings the opposite behavior you want to achieve and you don’t want to reward unstable or excited behavior.

Consider how eating is performed in a pack environment. The pack leader eats first, with the rest of the pack waiting patiently for their turn. Everyone is respectful. This is a very important opportunity to have your dog understand who is in charge.

Your dog being excited with food can also contribute to bloat (GDV). Dogs who eat too quickly take in excess air and this is thought to be a primary component of bloat. Eating too fast can also foster food aggression and resource guarding.

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