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Center Consultations

Is your dog jumping, barking, mouthing, hyperactive? Do you need to start your new puppy off on the right foot with proper puppy manners? Our in-center dog training consultations are the perfect match for moderate behavioral issues.

Center Consultations

Our private Center Consultations are the perfect program for dogs that are exhibiting behavior problems that aren’t extremely severe. They are a great option for new puppies, dogs that need manners, and mild behavioral issues. This includes, but is not limited to: jumping, mouthing, nipping, barking, excitability, not listening, etc.

A Center Consultation is also applicable to those who need help with leash walking and leash reactivity. Not only do we have any equipment that you may need, we have all of the resources needed to simulate leash reactivity and other common scenarios associated with walking your dog on a leash.

Center Consultations are typically two hours long, depending on the severity of the issues. We will cover all the basics of Dog Psychology and work hands-on with your dog’s behavioral problems, while educating you along the way.

Please Note: An Evaluation may be required before enrolling in any of our programs!

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