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By: Doug M.

We were at our wits end with our German Shepherd Finn because he was so dog aggressive. He was great around people, but around other dogs he would instantly go into fight mode. Our son brought his dog home from college and we had to keep the dogs separated 24/7 which was a total nightmare. We had to coordinate with the neighbors on when we would let our dog out to exercise so we could make sure their dogs were in. We couldn’t walk him on a leash for fear we would pass another dog and there would be a fight.

We hired multiple trainers, including a dog psychologist, who all quickly gave up on him. That’s when we learned about U.S. Canine. They were truly our last hope. We scheduled an appointment with Angie and she evaluated our dog and suggested immersion therapy for him. We dropped him off a week or two later and they began the program with him.

Within the first week, they had integrated him into their well balanced pack of dogs with very heavy supervision. Over the next four weeks they performed miracles. Josh was Finn’s case manager and he frequently updated us on the progress as well as having us come by to train us on how to eradicate Finn’s bad behavior.

When Josh brought Finn home, he worked with us there for several hours as well. Now Finn gets along with our son’s dog so well they are inseparable when he comes home from college for visits. We are also able to lets ours out back without coordinating with the neighbors. No more incessant barking and no more fence fighting. We take him on walks at several area parks and he behaves like a model citizen. We can not recommend U.S. Canine highly enough!!!!! They have brought the joy of having a dog back to us and eliminated the horrible stress our dog was causing us. So, to Angie, Josh, and all the hard working folks at U.S. Canine, THANK YOU so much.