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By: Ashley H.

U.S. Canine was a complete life changer for us and our dog, Damascus. Prior to enrolling him in their Immersion Program, he was barking, chewing up things around the house, difficult to walk, barked and growled at strangers, etc. It was a big stressor for my family.

We decided to put him in U.S. Canine’s Immersion Program after a consult with the owners, Angie and Josh. During Damascus’s 2-Week stay there, our family attended 2 training sessions with Angie and Josh, where they taught us how to act and work with Damascus the correct way. Finally, Josh brought Damascus to our house and worked with us in our home environment, where we practice putting the dog in the same situations that were previously troublesome. It was immediately apparent that the previous issues were no longer a problem.

Since Damascus has been back home, it’s been absolutely wonderful. He is now the best behaved dog we’ve ever owned. I can take him off-leash on hikes with confidence that he will stop and come to me when called. He no longer barks, is great with other people and other dogs, and still has the loving demeanor with us that we grew to love about him.

I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend U.S. Canine and their trainers and staff. If you are having any issues with your dog that have become unmanageable, or if you just want to give your dog additional training to improve his or her capabilities, I would them in for a free consult. You won’t be disappointed!