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By: Erin P.

We took our dogs to US Canine after our Australian Shepard mix started attacking our “Georgia Brown dog”. They lived together for a year and a half before any issues. We knew Cassie had some anxiety but did not realize it would or could turn into aggression.

We had an evaluation with Angie, our dogs, and her pack. We were hopeful when she told us she thought she could help. Cassie stayed with them for a week and then we reunited her and Maddie. Both stayed for another week at US Canine. Upon first reuniting it did not go well. We were thankful that Angie and her son Josh were handling our dogs at this point. The confidence they had in doing so kept us hopeful for reuniting them into our home one day.

My husband and I had 2 visits to their facility for our training. And when they were ready to come home, Josh brought them to our house and stayed with us almost 2 hours. He made sure we were comfortable and that all of our questions were answered. It was quite the transition for us in our new roll as pack leaders. It was an adjustment in our attitude and energy. It required work and training on our part to make this a success story.

Angie and Josh gave us the tools and encouragement to become “loving benevolent dictators”! Our dogs have been doing great and actually play together again. I never thought this would be possible with their violent fights.
Cassie is so much calmer and Maddie is more mindful of our instructions. Our friends, family and cat have also noticed the positive difference.  It has been a real to pleasure to have such well disciplined dogs that can play together and enjoy their home and yard. Thank you Angie, Josh, and the whole team at US Canine!