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About Us

At U.S. Canine, we strive to provide our clients with the most effective and highest quality behavior modification programs. Our skilled team of trainers, including our personal pack, aim to provide a positive rehabilitation experience for you and your dog.

Vet recommended with 30+ years of experience, U.S. Canine implements natural methods of rehabilitating unbalanced dogs in a way that they can understand (Dog Psychology 101). Once we have rehabilitated the dog, we move on to educating the human so that they can become the leader and teacher that their dogs need. We have a saying at U.S. Canine that our training is 30% dog and 70% human.

Since we deal with more severe issues like aggression, to less severe behavioral issues like barking and jumping, we offer several types of behavior modification programs that are specific to your dog’s particular needs. Come join our pack, we look forward to working with you!